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All of the pets on are listed by local rescues and shelters.  If you have questions about a pet you've seen please return to the page you saw the pet on and contact the rescue or shelter that is listing that pet.  Please feel free to reach out to our contacts below for any other questions.

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If you are a pet rescue or shelter, please contact:

Veronica DeBernardo

Director of Shelter and Rescue Outreach

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Marisa Strange
Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Bogey
  • Bogey

    Not much is known about Bogey’s life before he was saved by the rescue group, Don’t Bully Me, except that he was scheduled to be euthanized and riddled with infections. Once in Don’t Bully Me’s care, they determined he had a long list of issues: a double ear infection, an eye infection, his neuter site was infected and he had a yeast infection. To add to it, Bogey was also heartworm...Read More

  • Blanca gets her forever home
  • Blanca gets her forever home

    This is Blanca with her new mom Lyncee living the life in Tennessee, her new name is Aspynne. She is doing so well and has brought so much joy to her new forever home. PoundWishes was able to raise $2000 to aid in Aspynne's rehabilitation.


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