Their Lives Matter, Inc.

"United for the voiceless. Passionate and devoted to the neglected and forgotten. Their Lives Matter....."

Color: Red

Age: Adult

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Those following Their Lives Matter, Inc. and our rescue pets may remember Zane, he was saved several months back just near death from the streets of Miami. He needed immediate blood transfusions due to his extremely weak, battered, and starved body. His days living in the streets were numbered. Mr. Zane after weeks of his treatment was healthy enough to be neutered. This is a huge accomplishment for us, his blood counts were high enough to undergo surgery. Soon after his neuter Zane endured a small growth from his left eye, which was removed and biopsied. This poor boy has had a rough journey through recovery and just when we thought Zane was gaining weight and becoming strong in foster home, he fell very ill. 
Zane has returned to the rescue and is now receiving immediate medical care. He will be requiring surgery to repair ruptured anal fistulas. This is a very painful condition, that became severe quickly.
We hope to raise the funds for his surgery as soon as possible. Poor boy has been through so much please join us in raising funds, we will not give up on him.

Their Lives Matter, Inc.