Love Habitat Rescue

Our mission is to save animals in need and educate the public on the importance of spay /neuter, sharing facts about the exceptionally high death toll as a result of over population and back yard breeding, and how to practice responsible pet ownership. This includes understanding good training methods so that pets are well behaved and don't end up in shelters for things that can be easily corrected. Our dream is to see less animals enter the shelter system and more homes with responsible loving families for all of the animals that need them. We can't be angry at the shelters, this is societies problem and we all need to do our part.

Color: Black

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Looking for adoption in Northridge? Adopt Joey for your home today.

Joey was found in the street following a woman and meowing as if he were begging for help! Because he was such a loving boy, she took him home and found a rescue to get him safe.
Joey was dribbling blood when he tried to pee. It became more obvious he was in discomfort and needed help asap. For male cats, this is a life threatening emergency. Xrays revealed that Joey needed 4 stones removed from his bladder ASAP. Because he had the stones for sometime, he sustained trauma to his bladder.
Since coming into rescue, this condition has caused Joey horrible pain. He has had 3 different surgeries in an effort to correct this problem and he still needs more help. It is frustrating seeing him continue to struggle, but this operation provides enough hope to move forward. His life is worth saving. The vet reminded me that Joey's bladder had experience a lot of trauma and he needed more time to recover. He is on a new antibiotic in attempt to help him heal.
For the remainder of his life, he will be on a prescription diet (Urinary SO by Royal Canin). Can you help us with Joey's bill? If everyone pitches in just a couple of dollars we can continue to help other animals when emergencies like this arise. Thank you for reading and for your help!