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Poor Skye sat at Mdas with an injury and in pain for months - 

Skye long timer at MDAS all the while injured and needing Neurologist  we were abkle to pull her with a foster and some funds.  Upon initial exam , and x rays ,  the vet in Miami (not our usual doctor) updated us that Skye's limp was better and she was cleared for transport to foster in Orlando . 

After arriving, foster let us know that her limp fdefinitely was not better , but worse.  Long story short , after we transported her , not before , the original doctor now says that a consult with neuro is necessary - we have already had her  seen by another vet twice in Orlando to confirm that , yes , this issue is neuro . 

This is all very unexpected as we were led to believe this was a minor leg injury , which it is not at all. The poor girl is in pain , even with pain meds, as this could be a pinched nerve, or compressed or herniated disc. We will not know this untiol consult is done , but we are anticipaing and MRI and or CAT scan per discussion with ORlando doctor this am . 

This could be costy , but Skye needs this and we pary for your support to see her thrugh. She is a very sweet , young , bulldog :)))) 

This amount likely will change :/ stay tuned 

Lets help Skye feel better ASAP! 

Thank you greatly once again . 

Team TLM