Baby Husky's need vetting!

Brown Paws Pet Sitting and Rescue


Brown Paws Pet Sitting and Rescue

“The love of animals and the passion of rescue runs deep within me. From the time I was a child, I have always had a constant pull to save animals in danger. From ducklings/geese crossing the street, to now these dogs on euthanasia lists at high kill shelters, each and every one of them deserve the chance to know what love is. There are far too many that will never know and my mission is to help make a different for the ones I’m able to reach. In rescue, all the help we can get makes a difference, from donating, volunteering, or sharing, I appreciate all the support we can get and that can come in many different ways. Thank you for checking out my rescue.” Becky Brown, Founder

Breed: Husky Mix

Age: Baby

Looking for adoption in Waunakee? Adopt Baby Husky's need vetting! for your home today.

 NINE of the cutest Husky Mix puppies need spays, neuters and all of the vaccines.  They are weaning from formula and will be needing a lot of kibble as well. 

We brought in a pregnant momma Husky/Shepherd dog from Oklahoma who gave birth to 9 of these now 4 week old puppies. When we received the Mama, we were told that they did not know she was pregnant.  She gave birth about 18 days later to this beautiful litter.  We are happy to say that the Mama's Foster family is going to adopt her.  Please see photos to see approximate size that these babies will grow into, and to see the love they have ben receiving from their Mama.

We aren't sure of their mix yet but we continue to watch them change as they grow.  They will be needing shots soon and spays/neuters in the future. We have a live camera linked on our website for people to watch them!

Please consider donating to the Vet costs, so we can keep them happy and healthy and find their forever homes when they are old enough.