Adopt Hope and her six puppies

This is one of the more heartbreaking cases we've seen in a while. We're going to name this dog Hope, as we hope we can put her back together again.  We came upon Hope today in a fenced in yard along a busy road in Guanica, Puerto Rico. Maybe this is the only kindness her owner has showed her to protect her from speeding cars. 

Hope has barely a speck of hair left on her - no coat whatsoever to protect her skin from sun, fleas, ticks and mange.  She is starving and struggling. And she is a mother to a new litter of puppies. It was hard to tell how many and what age as she has them hidden under the back of a broken-down car in the yard with only dirt and stones, but she is trying her best to feed and protect them. You can just tell her instincts are doing the best they can in such a horrible situation. Of course, there was no food or water for her anywhere. 

My colleague Wanda and I (The Guanica Animal Rescue Project) stopped to feed and water Hope, and spoke to the woman that lived next door. She said it was her son's dog, he was living on the other side of the island now and doesn't want the dog anymore. Well, that is pretty obvious.  The Guanica Animal Rescue Project is going to take Hope under our wing and do whatever we can to help her and her puppies. It will be a challenge as we can be sure she is heart worm positive among other blood diseases and it will be tricky treating her while she is nursing a litter. We hope to save them all. 

Please help us help Hope with all necessary medical treatment she and her pups will need for a full recovery.  She shouldn't suffer like this.