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  • Breed: Great Dane
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Baby

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If you have a deep-chested, long-bodied, flat-ribbed dog of a large breed they are unfortunately, a candidate for the life-threatening emergency known as bloat or gastric torsion. Theo needs his stomach tacked. Gastric Torsion is extremely common over 1/2 of the dogs over 5 will have it happen and could cost him his life. At the time of that surgery he will also need to have his hernia repaired.

Theo would be good with older children over 10 years old, one female large breed dog, and would love a fenced in yard or for that to be the plan in the very near future. Theo is a 150 pound puppy so he needs owners that are going to be willing to invest the time and have the patience to see Theo through to adulthood so he is successful.

He is amazing and everyone who meets this gentle giant falls in love and is mesmerized! He is a rescue favorite for sure! Please donate to Theo and his medical care, any dollar counts!