Adopt 8 Parvo puppies URGENTLY need your help!

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Want to adopt 8 Parvo puppies URGENTLY need your help!?
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We regret to announce the 8 Spaniel mixes have been exposed to and contracted the Parvo virus and are now hospitalized in ISO undergoing treatment.

Please keep AJ, Alex, Allie, Ace, Annie, Andy, Apollo, Angel in your thoughts and prayers.

They have been given a 50/50 chance of survival at this point.  Your donations would help us afford quality supplements like medications, Electrolyte solutions and of course further veterinary care for each puppy. 

Such an outbreak to 8 puppies at one time is devastating for our rescue.

We need financial help if we are going to be able to continue to provide care to the pups.

K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. took in 8 Spaniel mixes from a Southern Illinois Rescue who had saved their pregnant Mom from euthanasia when she was part of a hoarding case.  The puppies were born in a foster home along side 10 other pups from their Mom's sister, who was also saved from death.

The 12-week old puppies arrived Friday, August 11th at our veterinary hospital. They appeared healthy, well tempered and full of life.

On Sunday evening a couple of the pups had loose stools, we sent fecal samples of 4 pups to be checked for parasites. The samples showed Hookworms and we received medication asap to begin treatment.  When their foster Mom noticed blood in the feces, a volunteer quickly ran the sample to the hospital. By 8:00 am, the puppies were on their way to be hospitalized with the Parvo virus.  We discovered the puppies had not been vaccinated until the night before they left on transport at 12 weeks of age.  We could not be more devastated and our at our credit limit at the hospital. We need to make a $7000.00 payment.

The cost of the Parvo pups is skyrocketing our already overdrawn credit, we are in dire straits financially as our puppies are in dire straits fighting for their lives.

Any donation is greatly appreciated as it all adds up and helps pay the bill.