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  • Size: Extra Small
  • Age: Baby

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These poor brave puppies were found along the road on busy Puerto Rico Route 681 beside their deceased siblings body. The small puppy had been hit by a car on the busy road. This is the sad fate of many of Puerto Rico's lost or abandoned puppies.

These three got lucky as we found them and feed them our leftovers from that day's lunch. They devoured the food and accepted much needed fresh water. When we arrived home they were still hungry but very tired. We kenneled them for the night and they got much needed rest. Upon waking they were feed and received baths and ear cleanings. These baths were a relief considering the hundreds of fleas and ticks that fell from their little bodies. They even had ticks inside their tiny ears.? Now they will visit the Vet for health checkups, vaccinations, fecal and sterilization before being ready for adoption.

Please help us give these beautiful puppies a fresh new start to a happy and healthy life!