Adopt Surgery to Save Allie's Life

  • Breed: Spaniel
  • Color: Tan and White
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Baby

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Allie had it "RUFF" right from the start. Her Mother was almost put to sleep, but she was rescued at the very last minute because she was about to have a litter of puppies. As if that weren't a close enough call to defy the Heavens, Allie and her 8 litter-mates caught Parvo from another litter due to their living situations.  

K9 Enrichment Inc took on the entire litter and their Mama to treat them and try to save their lives. It has been a "RUFF" road as some puppies gained their strength as other seemed to loose theirs... but we are happy to say that all of the puppies are in foster to adopt homes now and all of them are doing really well. They are still fighting off Parvo, but it looks like they will all be able to live healthy lives...They are adjusting really well to living with their new families, and none of them have had any set backs since having their second set of vaccinations.

 Allie has been the exception ... The vet has detected a very serious heart murmur and Allie will need to see a Cardiologist as soon as possible. This heart murmur is affecting her greatly.  The vet says that she will need to finish all of her Parvo meds and then she will need a surgery on her heart to save her life.  

We are raising funds now, because the surgery should cost about $4000 and we are very hopeful that with all the proper medical care and love that Allie and all of her siblings have been receiving that they will survive and that Allie WILL be able to have her heart fixed.  Allie currently lives with her littermate Andy and his family, as we cannot place her in a home and do not want to have her living in the pet hospital.  

This sweet Angel deserves a chance for a healthy life and she has already beat too many odds. We will not give up on her.  Please donate toward her care, every donation made and all the support given is appreciated so much.