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  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

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Meet KESO,  This gorgeous guy was found wandering the Aguada neighborhood for a week or so until hurricane Irma was approaching.  It was uncertain if KESO would survive the horrible winds and rain but thankfully he appeared a day after Irma passed and was rescued by an animal loving couple that lives in the neighborhood.  

After asking around the neighborhood, his rescuers were told Keso's former owner moved away and left him behind as a "free dog".  

This is the heartbreaking reality of many "owned" dogs on the island.  Thrown out like old furniture when it's time to move.  

KESO is lucky to have found a temporary home where he will be neutered, vaccinated and loved until he can find a PERMANENT forever home that will not discard him like a piece of trash.   

Please help KESO with is basic vet bills and even more important neuter and let's show Keso that there are loving, caring humans that will not leave him behind.