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  • Color: Tan
  • Sex: Female

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Kiera was shot in the mouth and the bullet went through her nose, down into her left canine tooth, the two teeth behind, and also traveled through the roof of her mouth, tongue, and ended up resting in her larynx. 

She was admitted into an emergency hospital for surgery. The emergency surgery required removal of the bullet, fragments, and to repair her jaw. Kiera will remain in the hospital until Friday (9/15) to monitor her mouth and make sure she doesn't get an infection. The doctor feels that the shot was at a long distance and most likely an accident. 

Her owner betrayed her by signing an owner surrender because "she's an escape artist". The only reason Kiera was escaping is because she was kept in the yard too long and was anxious. 

Kiera is cautious and shy, but who could blame her with all that she has been through. Please help us help Kiera- any dollar counts.