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I had a friend reach out to me yesterday about a tiny city shelter in Georgia that is about to get hit by Hurricane Irma. There were 10 dogs remaining there with no options and no place to go, all bully type dogs. One of them has hip issues, some of them are not properly socialized and will need to to go through rehab training before they can be trusted with humans or other pets. Some of them do not have basic manners at all, but we could not turn our backs on these precious lives. The shelter was about to euthanize these dogs, and head home before the storm hit. So I rerouted the girls on their way to Texas to grab these 9 dogs and get them to Augusta Georgia where they would be able to wait out the storm. Augusta was expected to experience a category one hurricane with tornados. This was a very proud moment for us, we cleared out this shelter leaving it empty instead of leaving innocent souls behind. 

When the vet clinics open back up in Augusta the dogs will be taken to a vet there for health certificates, which are required to cross the state lines. Once they have their health certificates they can head home to Unbreakabull Bullies Rescue. 

All 10 of these dogs will need health certificates before they can cross the state line. 

Iowa State University will cover the cost of ALL of their spays, neuters, and vaccines.  We will need to cover the cost of their health certificates, their heartworm testing and treatments. Right now, these dogs are still sitting in Georgia waiting for us. 

We are trying to raise $25 per dog for the certificates and then $20 per dog for Heartworm tests.  We will update our WISH amount depending on if any of the dogs are heartworm positive bc the treatment is $300 per dog.