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Here are some photos of the Hurricane Harvey dogs arriving tonight! ALL of them are in foster homes! No one was left behind! 

We went to Texas the day after Hurricane Harvey hit and saved 5 dogs that the shelter needed to move out to make room for Houston Pets. Owners have been frantically looking for their pets, so shelters have been trying to clear out the dogs that have lived there for a while to make room for temporary pets.  We knew we could help with more, so a week later we went back and brought home 30 more.  

None of these dogs had been spayed, neutered or given vaccines.  None of them had been tested for Heartworms yet. 

Out of this group of 35 dogs, we kept 20 of them, and asked another rescue to take on the rest. We did this, so that each dog could get the attention and medical care that they need. 

We really got lucky when Iowa State University reached out to us and promised to do all of the spays, neuters and vaccines for ALL of our hurricane rescues.  What a blessing.  Now that we have this group here, we need to have them all tested for heartworms, which is $20 per dog.  If any of them have heart worms, we will be responsible for that cost, which is $300 per dog.  We will update with results, and ask a higher WISH amount if need be.  Right now, we are only asking for help with their heartworm testing cost and for the 2 dogs that we already know are heartworm positive. 

Please consider making a donation, no amount is ever too small or under appreciated.  

Thank you to everyone who came to help out and to everyone who fostered one of these guys!