Adopt Jorge Mariposa Paz

Jorge Mariposa Paz was rescued from a horrible street life in Tijuana Mexico. His unique name came from the collective of rescuers that worked to save him. Jorge (George) after one rescuers grandfather, Mariposa which means butterfly to represent his new freedom and Paz which means peace since we hope he finally has peace in his life!

We didn't know what happened to him, how old he was or how long he suffered...we just knew it had to end as soon as possible. He was brought to our attention on Sept 12, 2017 and we were on a mission from that point forward to save him! It was a struggle to arrange to get him across the border because of his condition, we were afraid customs would stop him and not allow him entry without quarantine, etc. He was fostered briefly in Tijuana and supposedly received some medical care although we have no records and his wounds do not appear to have been treated at all. Supposed reports from Mexico and the foster said the vet thought cancer was the cause of his condition, it certainly looked like something much worse but time would tell. 

Sunday Sept 24, 2017 we had a team of helpers that got Jorge across the border and transported to our waiting foster home. He was in terrible shape, covered in a massive amount of fleas, bleeding from the wounds on his ears, eyes weeping and swollen and when he shook his head drops of blood and bits of tissue would fly everywhere! He was starving and quickly gobbled down and entire can of wet cat food. In spite of his obvious pain and discomfort he was purring and "making biscuits" on his new bed! His foster Mom gave him a gentle bath to try and alleviate some of the itching from the fleas, there were thousands! He was very calm and sweet throughout the whole thing. He was still ravenous and he was given more food a little at a time so he didn't make himself sick. 

Monday morning Sept 25, 2017 Jorge went to our vet Dr K to get some help! Dr said this was the worst case he'd seen in his 45 years! :( Poor Jorge! Dr K believe someone cut off Jorge's ears and left him suffering. His left eye is VERY bad and we are trying to save it!  He was given pain medication, antibiotics, a Capstar for the remaining fleas, bloodwork & combo test, skin scrape, an ear cytology was done, ear cleaning, eye medication, wound cleaning, two kinds of antibiotics and deworming. All this just to start and he has a long road to recovery ahead! 

Please help us raise money to provide him the care he needs! Updates will be posted here frequently as we get more information about his condition and what medical needs he has!

Thank you for your support!