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As you all know Puerto Rico was hit by a category 4 hurricane last week. Hurricane Maria devastated the island and now a week later the people of Puerto Rico are still without power, cell service and basic needs like food and water.

We have not had any direct contact with our team on the Island. Cynthia's (Defense's VEEP) husband was able to contact her yesterday briefly and says that she and the animals under Defensa's care are doing ok.  There were no major injuries or loss of life but they are running low on food, water and gas is being rationed.  Lines at the stations are 4 to 8 hours long.  They do not know when relief is coming and supplies have not been delivered to the western part of the Island. 

They are beginning to worry.  Worry for the people, the animals and the rebuilding. She has been asked by the neighbors for donations to buy pet food. Whatever pet food is left on store shelves. We can't even begin to imagine what the people AND animals of Puerto Rico are going through. Deliveries are not reaching that part of the island so we are not encouraging anyone to ship dog/cat food just yet. USPS and Fed Ex are still closed. We have been told that if shipments do reach the island via these methods they will be held for days maybe weeks before being delivered.  

This is going to be a massive clean up. We need everyone's help!  

PLEASE PLEASE donate what you can! We are committed to helping all the animals we can, strays, owned, the ones abandoned but we need everyone's help now!