Adopt Priscilla

  • Breed: Bulldog
  • Color: Brindle
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

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Priscilla joined the BHNW family in 2015 after being mistreated and used for breeding. It took quite a while for her to come out of her shell and learn to trust people and play. Thankfully she has known nothing but love since then.

Unfortunately, Priscilla was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma on her paw. The good news is the vet doesn't believe this is a terminal condition at this point, but it's very expensive to treat. We wont let money be the deciding factor on whether a dog lives or dies! As long as there is a treatment with the potential to keep Priscilla comfortable and maintain her quality of life, we will do it!   

With that said, we can't do it alone! We need your help to cover the cost of surgery and medications. Please consider making a donation to Priscilla's care.

This is another great reminder to get your dog checked out if you see something off, and even get a second opinion if needed!