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  • Age: Baby

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In a remote village on an island in Southeast Alaska, new homeowners were astonished to discover a sweet, starving mama dog and her seven four week old puppies under their porch in a fish box.

With nearly freezing temperatures, it was way too cold for the puppies to be outside. All of the puppies were horribly malnourished and the mama was close to death from a terrible bacterial infection. The mama dog had been severely abused by the previous owner before she was neglected and left to fend for herself. Any quick movement or suddenly raised hands terrified her. The new homeowners contacted Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals who flew the mama and puppies 360 miles to Juneau where they could receive much needed medical attention. 

Upon their arrival in Juneau, all of the puppies had what the animal hospital described as the worst case of worms and parasites they had ever seen. Veterinarians then discovered that due to a congenital defect, three of the puppies, Cedric, Morgaine and Guinevere were blind. While these three puppies now have medical attention, they need your help to cover the costs of ongoing care so that they can live happy, healthy lives.

Please consider donating to these sweet pups' medical expenses so they can continue to progress and adapt to live the wonderful lives they deserve.