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Hi my name is Hans and I am VERY lucky to be alive.

I was born under a house with my seven siblings because no one was taking care of my mom. When I was two days old I was flown with my mother and siblings to Juneau where my awesome foster mom began taking care of us.

However, because of where my brothers, sisters and myself where born we caught Parvo. I was first to show symptoms at 2.5 weeks. I was rushed to the animal hospital where I was hospitalized for five days. I was very scared and then two of my siblings got sick and joined me at the hospital. The rest of my siblings were cared for around the clock my Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals.

Because of the medical care my siblings and I received we all made it through alive. It was extremely expensive for us to stay at the hospital for so long so our rescuers need your help! Please donate to our medical expenses so more Alaskan puppies like us have a fighting chance!