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  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

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Lucky will be shot and killed if he if not rescued within 3 DAYS!

In the rural communities of Alaska there is no police, search and rescue or animal control. Instead they have what is called a VPSO. In the rural town of Angoon, Alaska they have an enormous dog problem. They just passed a law that all dogs must be leashed and if they were caught unleashed there would be a fine to the owner. However, if the owners choose not to pay the fine or if no one claims the dog then the law states that after three days the dog has to be shot and killed! There are no vets available in these parts to euthanize in a different way. 

The VPSO of Angoon has reached out to us. There is a six year old dog that was found wandering around Angoon. His name is Lucky. His owner doesn't want to pay the $50 fine to get him out. If we don't get him from Angoon to a foster home in 3 days he will be shot!

Flight to Angoon: $250.

Grooming as he has been outside and neglected most of his life - $60

Vet checks and senior blood work to make sure he is healthy - $300 

PLEASE DONATE so we can save his life! Lucky deserves a chance!