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  • Breed: Rat Terrier Mix
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young

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After suffering a severe neurological seizure, Ami has been diagnosed with deadly Distemper.

Sweet Ami is a one year old pup that came in to the shelter as a stray with no signs of any medical concerns at first. After the shelter gave her vaccines she had a reaction and started having neurological seizure. All of her muscles clenched up, causing hyperextension of all four limbs and neck, twitching of her back and hyperextension of her tail. Whenever a noise was made or movement seen, her signs heightened in intensity

The shelter thought maybe poison was ingested, but we soon found out that it was DISTEMPER. The vet said that she probably had a mild case in her system and the vaccines exacerbated it which caused her to have the reaction. She is currently on IV meds and being hospitalized with 24 hour care. 

We are really hoping she pulls through but we need your help to give her all the medical attention she needs. Distemper treatment is not cheap by any means so please consider donating to this sweet girl's medical care. She is just a baby and deserves a chance to have a happy and healthy life!