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We are in need of new surgical equipment in order to save more animals!

Lanta Animal Welfare is an animal rescue charity on Koh Lanta, Krabi. The charity has a population of 50 cats and 40 rescue dogs, receiving medical treatment or waiting to travel to their forever homes. As we are an animal rescue, severely injured animals are brought to us each day. Our surgery can be extremely busy with more than one operation underway at a time. Our clinic staff finds it challenging to share equipment between ongoing operations, as the movement of equipment during surgery can risk the health and safety of the animal.

The pulse oximeter is for anesthetic monitoring. We use it all the time and with more than one operation going on at a time, one is not sufficient. This equipment monitors heart rate and the amount of oxygen the animal has in its blood, so we can be sure the animal is kept safe while under anesthetic.

You can provide for the safety of animals under anesthetic by donating towards the purchase of a new pulse oximeter, that costs 16,000 THB/$500 USD.