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  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Baby

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All Breed Rescue takes pride in the fact that we stay in contact with adopters of our dogs and treat them as part of our family. That is why when we heard that one our alums, a puppy named Olivia, was recently diagnosed with a rare congenital condition called ectopic ureters, we knew we needed to help! Poor Olivia was born with the tubes from her kidneys to her bladder improperly formed, causing her to constantly leak urine and have to wear a doggie diaper. Her best chance at living a normal, comfortable life is to undergo an expensive corrective surgery. Her adopters absolutely love Olivia and want to do everything they can for her, but need YOUR help in order to provide her the surgery she needs! Please consider joining All Breed Rescue in donating to her special cause. Here are some words from her parents:

" Our journey with Olivia:  

The search for a perfect fit for adoption, was endless. We applied to a few rescues with little to no response. There was a time we felt it would never happen. We wanted to find the perfect addition to our family. We recently moved into a new place, with plenty of room and we were ready.

Around the holidays, we decided to really narrow down our search- as we wanted to surprise my son. I have several friends, and my sister who speak highly of All Breed Rescue and have found dogs, like Olivia to give their forever homes to. We had looked there before but hadn't had much luck, until one night- we found her. Olivia was at All Breed, along with her siblings and they were all up for adoption. How could we choose? It was the easiest decision. The sweetest face, the most wild ears, and a look that could pull anyone in. We then read her bio; ?Hi! My name is Olivia. I am a really sweet girl and I am looking for my fur-ever home. I love dogs, cats, and kids. I am all ready to be adopted.? All of the above we find to be spot on! My 5 year old son, is head over heals for her. They have grown to be the best of buds. Their endless games of tug of war. Warm snuggles on a chilly day, lots of bedtime kisses and plenty of time playing fetch.

Olivia is in fact, the sweetest girl. Whether we are visiting the vet, or out and about- she always is complimented on her wonderful demeanor.

She is now 5 months old, and it hasn't been a good start for her. She had struggled with incontinence since we brought her home. After rounds of antibiotics, many visits to the vet, several tests and many diapers later- we have results.  

Nothing can prepare yourself for the news you're about to receive.

Olivia was diagnosed with a rare birth defect called- Ectopic Ureters. When the vet said, this is the first case of double Ectopic Ureters she has seen in the 18 years of being a veterinarian, your heart sinks. The next news; because of the chronic infections that weren't discovered early enough- one of her kidneys hasn't formed properly. Leaving her with one functioning Kidney.

What is next?

We do exactly what we need to, to get our girl on the right track. To keep that fire inside of her. To ensure her comfort, and happiness in her new forever home. We will not give up on her. We promised to always be by her side, the moment we chose each other, at All Breed Rescue.

She is family.

The days ahead will not be easy for her, but it sure won't suppress her spirit. In the days ahead, we begin by getting her a comprehensive metabolic panel, to test her Kidneys and see what the functioning level is of the one that is seemingly well. We then move on to meet with the Surgeon for a consult on the surgery that could make a world of difference in Olivia's health. We may not be able to stop her incontinence for good, or save her from continuous infection, but it gives her a fighting chance. We don't have answers yet, in regards to her life span, but the results from the tests will be a start.

Please help us in the fight for Olivia. She has fought so much already. Let's fight for her. If not in donations- to prayers. She can use all that she can get. There are heavy medical bills, and procedures ahead. We've done all that we can, up to now. We are asking for any help for the future. We are so beyond appreciative for the support that our friends and family have shown.

In sincere appreciation to Peak Veterinary Referral Center, and Milton Veterinary Hospital and all of their efforts, we can move forward. They have gone, above and beyond in research. We are so grateful to them, as we are to you for taking the time to read, Olivia's story."