Adopt Willow-Mina R.I.P.

  • Breed: Mastiff
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young

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I was found hiding in the bushes today. I was confused, freezing cold, hungry, thirsty and really, really scared. When the police chased me I could hardly move but my fear helped me run. They finally caught me because I was too weak to run anymore, so I just fell in the snow. 

They brought me to this place called Almost Home.

The nice lady there called me "Willow - Mina" because I was weeping like a willow tree. She said I was the most beautiful baby she had ever laid eyes on. That my name came from the model "Wilhelmina" too. That I will be strong and beautiful like her. You wait and see.

The Almost Home staff comforted me in a way I never knew.....

The staff lady tried to hug me but I was in so much pain and so frightened at the same time I cried out loud. 

You see I was abused and neglected like so many out there. Struggling to make sense of this cruel world. 

I heard the nice lady cry while she spoke so softly to me. She said she loved me and here at Almost Home you will be happy again like you were when you were a puppy. Willow my sweet dear angel your life will be good from now on.....Almost Home promise XO.

I went to the veterinarian clinic.

The veterinarian was trying to comfort me but I have to tell you I was terrified. She tried to take my blood and give me some tests but I just would scream and cry and shake. The vet felt so bad and I did too because I truly knew she was trying to help me.

She said I have been really abused and neglected and she was very upset. She told me not to worry that I can come back tomorrow and sent me back to the shelter for some love and support.

She refused to put a muzzle on me as she knew I was already too broken.

She gave me some meds and told the staff lady to bring me nutritious home cooked meals mixed with puppy food. But most of all a warm and cozy bed with blankets and a lot of love to build my confidence.

Well, I don't have much confidence so I could really use that. I can barely hold my head up.

I shiver and shake in pain and in fear. I'm about 1 or 2 years old and I had babies once.

My mouth is all cut up inside and swollen from eating twigs, rocks and whatever I could find.

Please help us to get WIllow back into good health, to build her confidence and the gift of comfort and hope.