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  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male

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We have come such a LONG way with Max. We need your help!

Max has definitely come a looong way since we first got him. He was sitting at the shelter with barely any fur due to his severe mange and infections. He was barely lifting his head as his broken heart hurt more than the condition he was in or the fact he was on death row at a cold, high kill shelter. It took many months of medicated baths and antibiotics before he was healthy again. 

Once he improved, we got to know his personality and we learned that he needs to be the only prince in his castle. We put him through months of intense training and he is now the most well-behaved dog. Whoever ends up adopting this sweet boy will get his continued training free for life. 

MHR has spent endless time, energy and resources in rehabilitating and making sure Max is healthy and taken care of. Max is very close and dear to our hearts and we really do want THE BEST for him. 

Overall, we have spent thousands of dollars on his training and medical treatment and we need help with paying this off. We have devoted so much time on Max, and would hate to have to turn away the next one due to financial constraints. Every dollar counts!