Adopt Nini & Nina Crying For Help

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Baby

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Nini and Nina were Likely abandoned because they are both females. These 2 little ones were found alone, wet, hungry, very skinny, full of fleas/ticks and desperately crying out for help on a beach.  

They where finally spotted desperately trying to survive on their own though we know they can not survive on their own!  These angels are too young and deserve love, affection, and attention. They are safe now and  so far they simply need basic Vet Services of vaccinations and fecal with general health check up to make sure they survive from what must have been some pretty scary nights alone!   

No amount is too small!  Help us fund Nina & Nini Vet services they deserve a chance at a real life. Please help us make that happen for these angels.