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  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Senior

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Murphy is about 10 years old and 95 pounds. This boy was most likely dumped as too old or too big but he is a GRRALL pup now and we will find him the best permanent home possible, as a loved family member

Murphy weighed in at 90lbs. Vet said he isn't extremely overweight but it would help his mobility to shed some pounds and recommended a weight loss senior diet.

Our big boy, Murphy has seen our vet and has started on pain meds; he is already starting to feel better. Years of neglect have taken a toll on our sweet boy and he needs a very special home with people who have the ability and interest to provide proper care for him. Murphy has arthritis, skin and ear infections, hair loss, bumps being tested, a lingering cough, areas of concern in the throat seen with X-rays, and elbows rubbed raw to the point they are bleeding. Murphy is in good spirits and has grown accustomed to his constant pain and discomfort. Our first priority, now underway, is to alleviate or reduce any pain and improve his overall health with vet care, meds, nutritious food, exercise, and maybe most important lots of TLC.Dr. Bell stared with the skin and hair loss issues. She did skin scraps of several skin areas and the ears. She also aspirated a couple bumps.

The vet results showed an infection on the skin and in the ears. Luckily no mites were found. We did have a concern about his lingering cough. She did an X-ray and his lungs looked good with some age related changes but the area that connects his chest to throat seems to have collapsed. This often happens in smaller breeds so the results were concerning. The X-ray appears to show what could be a mass in the trachea.     

For now, she wants to treat the cough with more antibiotics and see if the cough improves. If it doesn't, we will want to further investigate the X-ray results. 

Murphy's elbows are extremely raw and even one that is bleeding. Dr recommended "doggy leggings" for his calloused and raw front elbow...she said they run about $150, so we will be looking into those right away. 

Murphy pants almost nonstop and drinks large amounts of water. For now, Dr. Bell thinks the panting is pain related. Every bone creaks as he moves. She wants to increase his pain meds to make him more comfortable and hopefully reduce the panting. Unfortunately she said his arthritis is so severe that he will not get more movement back but we could at least make him more comfortable. 

She said she could not rule out Cushings disease but that isn't something that needs tested for right away. We can see if the above actions help him.

I did ask her is she felt he was adoptable and she said permanent foster is probably the logical choice. He will need on a plethora of drugs the rest of his life.

Murphy will need an orthopedic pet bed for comfort and a few other items that will help him enjoy his final days while he is living the good life with his foster family.  He can not wear a regular collar around his neck, so a harness is best for him when he goes for his daily walk. He needs to be able to shed a little weight, so a senior diet will be most appropriate for him and appreciated.