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Chase and Ryder are 1 year old Brittanys who were strays spotted running loose by a coon club in Illinois.  Animal Control tried to catch them for some time, but these skittish boys had been left to fend for themselves and were not very trusting of humans.  Finally they were caught in humane traps and taken into care by the National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network.  Both of these sweet boys are severely malnourished and are ravaged by mange.  Though we don't know their story it is obvious they have been neglected for some time.....their skeletal bodies are covered in scabs.  But true to their Brittany nature they are loving and sweet and seek out affection.  Sadly, Ryder has tested positive for heart worms and will require long and expensive treatment.  Chase is negative at this time but will need to be retested.  Both boys will need to be neutered and vaccinated but the focus now is getting them to a healthy weight so they can sustain surgery and treatment for their horrible skin issues.  NBRAN is facing HUGE medical bills for these boys so any contribution is greatly appreciated!


Posted on January 19, 2017

Oh my just look at these two love bugs!!! An update on Chase and Ryder.
Chase and Ryder here with an overdue update. Foster Mom says it is field trial season so things are a bit busy. We've been traveling with the brofurs and sisfurs to see them compete. It's quite exciting because we have seen so many other Brittany's and horses too.
Mom says we are super good travelers. We never have accidents and are quiet in the truck except if we pass cows grazing, then we bark.
We had a super duper first Christmas. We got into the spirit with some antlers on our head and made out with new treats, toys and bones. Our favorite is a flat octopus because we can play tug with it. It doesn't have any stuffing and is supposedly really tough. Mom says she doesn't think any toy is Britt proof.
Foster Mom says we are 2 tough cookies especially since Ryder got through his last 2 heart worm injections like a champ.
Well, that's it for now...we have to go finish building our race track in the back yard.

Posted on October 30, 2016

Chase and Ryder are doing fantastic. They are now at a healthy weight and the mange is gone so their coats are filling in nicely.  The best thing about seeing them get healthy is watching their individual personalities blossom. 
Chase who was the most malnourished and  more timid is now the more confident of the two. He's got some legs built for running and is very, very smart. He makes great eye contact and catches on very quickly. He loves toys, treats and love. 

Ryder is working through his heartworm treatment. He's finished the oral and topical treatment and is scheduled for his first injection on 11/21. We do limit Ryder's activity due to the heartworm. Ryder's soulful eyes make you melt and let you know he's a little more timid and a little more sensitive than his brother. We go a little slower in training him but he too is smart. The best part, he never turns down an opportunity to snuggle. He's a true lover! 

Chase and Ryder want to wish everyone a happy howliday and a big thank you for all the donations for their care. 

Posted on October 03, 2016

A pupdate from their foster mom..Chase and Ryder are doing great since their big trip to the vet.

The Bravecto treatment for their mange was a success and it is amazing how quickly their hair is now growing back. Chases bald spots now have hair regrowth and the hair that they do have is growing and getting thicker. Ryder continues on his oral heart worm medication and so we try to keep him calm accept for walks and a little bit of romper room in the evening with Chase.

The boys are gaining weight and getting stronger so we started leash training over the weekend and both did amazingly well in multiple short sessions. It also gives us time to have 1:1 time with each of them as their personalities are really blossoming.

Today is their first day at the office in an effort to meet some new people and start socialization.

Posted on September 22, 2016

 The “twins” have been neutered and are recovering well. Foster mom informs us that the retest on their mange confirmed it to be Demodectic, and now both have been started on Bravecto ($$$$) for additional treatment, as well as flea and tick control. Poor Ryder has an inflamed lower eye lid which is why he always looks like he is winking, as well as a skin irritation around his groin and it has now migrated to his "boy parts". He will go home on medication for both. One unexpected thing was that their teeth were in bad shape. Foster mom asked the vet to look at them because the plaque on their teeth was black!! She said she had never seen anything like it and they could not even chew a biscuit! She was quite worried there was something else brewing, so while the twins were at the vet, NBRAN had their teeth cleaned but fortunately they did not need any extractions. However, it was yet another expense NBRAN did not anticipate. Positive thoughts and donations for both boys needed still....but especially for Ryder who still has to go through the long and sometimes dangerous treatment for heart worm!

Posted on September 18, 2016

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