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PoundWishes Shelter Logo

Rescue Teamsters, The Florida Division of Chinese Shar-Pei Network, Inc., A 501c3 Not for profit

Rescue Teamsters  is the Florida Division of Chinese Shar-Pei Network, Inc., which is -a 501c3 Not for Profit Rescue.  Our mission is to save pet's who have been thrown away, as we say, and put in shelters Or on the streets.   We provide all the medical treatment and rehab necessary to bring them back to good  health.  We  ensure they are loved and well taken care of and will never endure what their previous life gave them.  Under our rescue they will thrive, blossom and regain their confidence again, while getting all the vetcare needed to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally.  At Rescue Teamsters we provide foster care, to all our rescues, in loving homes as we continue to find approved loving forever homes for each and every one.

We are their voice, their arms and their legs, to work hard for them to carry out our mission, for a life they have always deserved.

Every pet deserves to live, be loved, and be healthy .

Max was dumped at animal control by his, obviously uncaring owner. A volunteer notified us that he paced and cried everyday that she saw him and he seemed in severe distress. He was also labeled aggressive which meant he would be rescue only, which diminished his chances of getting out alive.

He spent 6 weeks in Animal control...
We immediately rushed Max to our vet. He was painfully thin, will need entropian surgery on both eyes, had and still has skin issues common with owners who neglect this breed, Shar Pei. His poor skin was red, inflamed and flaking, very painful. Our vet discovered that he had such a large abscess in his mouth that it covered about 75% of his gums. Which absolutely explains his excessive thinness. We sit here and run through our heads, how this poor boy sat at the shelter for 6 WEEKS, with this horrible condition, how he was so hungry, but couldn't eat, how he cried out to anyone to help, but people ignored it. Not even his medical records from Miami Dade Animal Shelter, said he had this abscess, which is so very concerning to us, as they do not thoroughly check these dogs.  Had we not been told about Max, He very well would have been another statistic at MDAS, from either starvation and serious infection, which goes through your bloodstream or by lethal injection.

Hi suffering stops now and with our team!  But we need you onboard to help us to get Max all his vet care needs met and some very urgent at this point. We are committed to Max reaching his Optimum Health and make sure he goes on to lead the amazing life that he should have been leading all along. With your support that life awaits Max.
Not all dogs have outside visual illness', some are internally sick, so please, we do not have gruesome pictures to show you, as you see from other fundraisers. But the illness Max has is just as life threatening and painful...

We thank everyone for their support and please share our fundraiser, so we can continue to save these precious babies. Maybe you can not change the world, but YOU CAN change Max's world!


We truly need everyone's help. His first bill we paid was close to $1,000, which was his gum surgery, bloodwork and other medical needs just out of shelter. As time went on, he was not adopted, and he developed a lump, so we had our vet remove and biopsy. then just last week, his stomach twisted. We owe the vet over $3,000 for Max. We are having a very hard time raising funds for him. The current funds went to Max's first vet bill.

UPDATE 02/09/17: MAX just cannot catch a break. He had to have emergency surgery for a twisted stomach. This happened last week. He came through with flying colors and is doing well, but our vet bill has risen much high.

The good news is, we found a perfect forever home for him. Max is a loving Pei who loves everyone and everything. His new adopter is a veteran in a wheelchair and his wife. Max will make a wonderful support dog. They are so excited to get him. But in the meantime we still need to raise the funds to pay his vet bill

His Surgeries include:

Gum surgery, for abcess

Entropion Surgery

 Tumor removal and biopsy

Nails clips way back due to overgrowth and curling under causing painful walking

Stomach surgery to correct a life threatening twisted stomach



Update: Max has been diagnosed with IBD. He is currently in Foster home. His food and medicines cost $310 a month. We still owe balance on his vet bill fir surgery and several tests. We are a 501c3. Please find it in your heart to donate for Max. He looks and feels so much better.

We have uodated his pictures.

MAX: Is in Immediate need of donations to continue his vet care and surgery...Max is in great discomfort and needs everyone's help NOW, please if you can help...


Posted on February 03, 2017

Max is in so much pain as we can all imagine after his emergency surgery for GSD yesterday. However, we are just thankful he survived. He is not out of the woods by any means. Poor Maxie will have to stay in vet care for quite sometime.
We need all the support we can since he had his medical bills covered until his health declined.

Posted on February 02, 2017

Max is in a very dangerous surgery right now. We would appreciate all support and prayers as his life in the vet's hands.

Posted on January 20, 2017

 Poor Max, just cannot catch a break. He is back at the vets. What we thought was severe arthritis, was actually his thick nails long and curling, causing him pain. Unfortunately, we were not told this previously. Poor Max was sedated to trim them way back, and also to remove a tumor of which was sent out for biopsy.  His foster cannot take him back, due to her own health issues. So he finds himself without a home again and will stay at vet boarding until we find a loving approved foster or adopter.
We were never able to raise his original goal from his first surgery and medical care.
Pictures attached showing his nails and the tumor which was removed and will be sent out for biopsy. It is big and gross! Poor guy had this inside of him. 
Please, Please any amount will help. We can only do this with the help of all of you
thank you and god Bless 

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