2 Surgeries + Rehabilitation

  • Breed: Pitbull
  • Name: Hostess
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

Hostess' owner smuggled her in from Iraq in his duffle bag as a puppy. He began breeding her as soon as he came back to the United States and after many liters, he dumped her and his other pitbull on his ex-wife.  Since she had been overbred, her physical condition had begun to deteriorate. Hostess' most recent pregnancy brought 13 puppies into this world. In a heartbreaking turn of events, only 11 of her 13 puppies survived and her back knees are no longer functioning.  

Hostess has two luxating patellas, which means her knee caps move and she will require two surgeries to correct the issue. Each surgery will need to be done separately with 6-8 weeks in between the two. After her knees have been surgically corrected, Hostess will need hydrotherapy for 6 months in order to teach her how to walk again. Even though she has a horrible limp since she cannot walk on her right leg, Hostess is desperate to love and play with her family. This sweet girl was brought into Needy Paws Rescue with all 11 of her puppies, which have been nicknamed "snacks" since each of them was named after a Hostess snack (Zinger, Donuts, Twinkie, etc). Hostess is a wonderful mother and nursed all of her 11 babies in shifts so they could be fat and happy. She deserves the best chance at a loving family.

Please help us transform Hostess' story into a happily ever after! 


  • Hostess has been getting laser therapy the past two weeks and got her staples removed this week! She had been staying in a different foster home for those two weeks because it was pretty far for us to get her there three times a week for treatment. 

    February 17, 2017

  • Hostess had her second patella surgery this past Wednesday and is doing well! She has an appointment tonight due to some unexpected swelling and we will know more from there. She is an absolute lover and we are so happy to help her get better and to hopefully find her a forever home soon!

    February 06, 2017

  •  Hostess received her first surgery last Monday & is doing very well...She is eating well & happily taking her medications...She returns to the vet on November 28 to have her staples removed & will begin her exercises so she can begin using her right leg for support...Ten of her 11 babies have been adopted & in their forever homes...

    November 18, 2016