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Bryant's Journey

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Color: Black & White

Size: Small

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

We were contacted by one of our local shelters to take a dog who was owner surrendered that had been hit by a car. Bryant was not able to sit up or stand. He had to be held up to do his business. He had some deep wounds and an ulcerated eye from being hit by a car. We pulled him from the shelter and had hospitalized with our specialty vet team. This team specializes in conditions of the spine and veterinary medicine. 

He spent two weeks hospitalized with them and gained the ability to sit up but remained a paraplegic.  Getting Bryant to this point medically required extensive therapy. In two weeks, he racked up a vet bill of $2000.  Our specialty vet team has high hopes for Bryant and we need your help to continue his extensive medical care to assist him in gaining as much function as possible. His therapy and medical care is far from over. 


Posted on April 26, 2017

This past week, Bryant showed us a new trick!  He can now jump up to reach a treat and support himself with his back legs for short periods of time.  We are pretty excited when he is able to physically do things he hasn't done since his accident!  Watch the latest video of him showing off his new trick!

Posted on February 26, 2017

If you will remember, this little guy came to us as a quadriplegic and was brought into a local shelter for euthanasia.  Look at him now running all over the place and excited to be alive.  Please new video that has been uploaded.

This miracle was made possible by your continued generous support!

Posted on January 21, 2017

Bryant showing off his new moves!! This is the first time since he was paralyzed and began walking again that he has been strong enough to jump up for attention and hold himself up with his back legs!! Time, chiropractic care, and physical therapy got him to this point!

Posted on December 02, 2016

Bryant's balance ball came in very late last night. So today was Day 1 of the balance ball exercises as prescribed by Dr. Hayek and Dr. Ormston at All Creatures Every Spine. As you will see in the latest video, he's not too sure or excited about this therapy regimen. The purpose of the balance ball is for him to put more weight on his back legs and build strength. Today we witnessed him run for a few feet when the doorbell rang and he had to give the stranger a piece of his mind!  Of course the camera wasn't ready to capture this new development!  Is it ever?

Posted on November 28, 2016

BRYANT IS WALKING!!!  He’s walking!!!  This was in our wildest hopes and dreams for him, but we were being realistic and cautiously optimistic and he exceeded all expectations.  We can’t thank Dr. Ormston and Dr. Hayek with All Creatures Every Spine enough for their dedication and healing hands in caring for all our dogs especially Bryant.

We were contacted 4 weeks ago by a local shelter that had an owner surrender that had been hit by a car and could not sit up.  The owners brought him in to be euthanized.  The shelter chose not to euthanize and contacted rescue instead.  Bryant sustained multiple lacerations on his legs and body, trauma to his eye that developed into an ulcer of the cornea, and nerve trauma.  Bryant’s injuries had been left untreated for several days prior to his owners taking him to the shelter.  

We chose to seek treatment at All Creatures Every Spine so that Bryant could take advantage of their expertise in neurological and spinal issues since he was unable to use his back legs.  He was hospitalized for 3 weeks where he underwent chiropractic adjustments, cold laser treatments, physical therapy, was provided biologically and nutritionally appropriate food, and homeopathic remedies to aid his body in healing.  All diagnostic testing showed no broken bones.  He was very lucky.  Bryant had a lot of inflammation from the trauma of being hit by a car and this inflammation and nerve trauma kept his brain from being able to talk to his back legs thus rendering him a paraplegic.  The goal of Dr. Ormston and Dr. Hayek was to decrease the inflammation, heal his wounds, and provide biologically appropriate nutrition and physical therapy so that he could gain as much functionality as possible.  

After the first week of hospitalization, Bryant was able to sit up independently without pain or physical supports. Week two of his hospitalization, Bryant began pulling himself around on his front legs and dragging his back legs.  He is very strong as he was able to keep his legs off the ground and only dragging his feet most of the time.  Without the intensive and targeted physical therapy provided by All Creatures Every Spine, Bryant would not have maintained the strength he had prior to his accident that would allow him to hold up his back end without the support of his back legs.  

Week three, Bryant started standing for a few seconds at a time independently.  He could stand for longer periods of time with physical supports and take supported steps.  Since Bryant was showing that he was physically ready to stand, this became part of his physical therapy regimen.  At this point Dr. Ormston and Dr. Hayek were even more optimistic that Bryant would gain the ability to walk independently.

Week four was Bryant’s biggest week yet!  This was the week he began walking independently!!  Even though his steps and gait aren’t normal yet, this shows that the inflammation and nerve trauma are resolving themselves so that his brain can talk to his back legs. Time is on his side and this is what he needs to further heal and for his gait to become as normal as possible.  

This is what American Boston Terrier Rescue & Rehabilitation does for senior and special needs dogs.  We provide them time and comprehensive medical care that they would not otherwise receive, as not all rescues have the time or resources to devote to medically involved animals.  There are limited safe havens for dogs like Bryant in the rescue world and virtually none in a shelter environment.  We are honored and blessed to be the ones caring for Bryant and the other dogs in our program.  That being said, this level of care, time, and commitment does not come cheap.  Please consider making a donation to his care via this site or via PayPal at or mail a check to ABTR, PO Box 1286, Little Elm, TX 75068.  All donations to ABTR 501(c)(3) are tax deductible.

Bryant continues to have an ulcerated cornea that will require additional time and treatment to heal.  Eyes need time to repair.  Your support affords him the time and chance to heal so that he can find his furever home.

Posted on November 27, 2016

Bryant has been sitting up independently now for a week.  He has now graduated to standing with assistance getting his legs under him correctly.  He can hold the standing position for about 10 seconds.  He has also started pulling himself around on his front legs and you can see him trying to get his back legs to go into the correct position to walk.  We are so very excited at his progress.  The Docs are very encouraged and hopeful that he will continue to gain more functionality.  New pics and video are in his gallery.  Please consider donating to his rehabilitation.  He is making wonderful progress and we can't continue to provide this level of care without your support.

Posted on November 22, 2016

After two weeks of hospitalization and supportive care, Bryant is sitting up!  This is a huge milestone for him as before all he could do was lay there. He has been receiving chiropractic treatments and cold laser therapy to help in the healing process. Bryant had a lot swelling in his neck and pelvis area that was affecting his functionality. We are hopeful that he will start standing soon. See photo of him sitting that has been added to his gallery!  

Thank you to everyone who has donated to his care so far!  He's making progress and feeling better!!

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