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Joining the family is sweet Axel - A young German Shepherd found as a stray over the weekend. He is on his way to our vet now will have more details on his age and health we believe he's under-year-old. Stay tuned ..... we are looking for a foster/adopter after his vetting and neuter ----- he is in need of all vetting - vaccines, bloodwork , heartworm testing and neuter - please every dollar will help!



Posted on December 08, 2016

Axel was found  last week, , we highly suspect dumped in an area of Miami which is a dumping ground for unwanted animals. No chip , no tag , he dragged himself into a nearby neighbors yard, thirsty, hungry and exhausted . No telling how long he has been roaming, but we now know why this young boy has been so listless. His blood  work is back and has tested positive for Anaplasmosis as well as Phagocyohilum.  :/ 

We will be postponing his neuter until; his blood counts rise to a healthy level. Suffice it to say , that we are baffled as to how someone could neglect a beautiful (any ) dog like this - and We will even go out on a limb and say that if a pet owner cannot provide the basice medical needs and preventatives for their animal, they don't deserve that animal. 

Poor Axel didn't need to suffer with these diseases - he is a young baby, and already has known the harsh reality of irrisponsibility from  past possible owners. 

We will not delay his immediate treatments and are praying he doesn't require blood tranfusions . 


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