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Little 9 lb baby Rosa was found by a good samaritan and turned into the shelter - she could not keep the baby and on top of it she presents with seizures.... this little baby was listed to be euthanized if a rescue did not step up - well we did, and now we have to get to the bottom of whats causing the seizures and what can be done :/ 

We will have a full work-up this afternoon hopefully. If you pledged for Rosa , you can honor here. 

Thank you !

Team TLM


Posted on March 15, 2017

Rosa is doing well in her foster home and is having a follow up neuro appt today!!!!!! Any amount will help us to pay off her current medical bills :) 

Thank you so much 

Team TLM

Posted on January 25, 2017

Little Rosa saw a highly recommended neurologist today. The team concluded at this point that she basically has an cerebellum that is poorly developed, possibly partially missing. She likely was born with this condition. She can certainly live a healthy happy life given these findings. We will be seeing specialist to follow up in 1 month and he has recommended an ultrasound to get a better look at the back of the brain.

Please see Dr. Reese's Comments & Summary. Summary and Recommendations: 

Rosa has generalized body tremors (truncal ataxia), which worsen with intended movements (intention tremors). This points to a problem within the cerebellum. The weakness and spasticity in the back legs is more likely related to the vestibular system in the brain stem, which sits underneath the cerebellum. WithRosa's age and lack of significant improvement with prednisone, it is more likely that this state is the results of a birth defect (congenital malformation such as cebellar hypoplasia or Dandy-Walker Syndrome), or a previous infection or trauma that has resolved (since she isn't getting worse). An MRI is the best way to evaluate to determine the cause. For now, we will monitor her without medications to see if there is any change over the next month. Please monitor her for worsening of the tremors, further weakness or worsening of her ability to walk, changes in her attitude, or worsening of her appetite. Since we are uncertain as the cause of her current condition, it would be best to delay her ovariohysterectomy until we know whether this is a progressive problem or not. If she continues to be neurologically stable in 1 month, then we can have that scheduled.

Medications: None at this time 

Posted on December 21, 2016

We are seeking a specialist for Rosa - our doctor has done all that he can to determine the cause of her tremors and seizures. He feels its not reversible , but we will not know this until we see a specialist . Rosa can go into a foster home at any time . She would love to have a loving family for the holidays instead of sitting in a cage at the vet - please .... could you open your heart and home ? And spare a dollar for her care?

Team TLM 

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