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Larues Legacy Bulldog Rescue

Meet Manny, 
At Just 2 years young, Manny was rescued from MDAS and is now in the care of Larues! This precious Boy has a very long fight ahead. Manny has been assigned a long term treatment plan to battle both internal external infections. Manny's ears will require in depth surgical dissection and even more heartbreaking, he has lost his sight. Manny's right eye socket leaves us unsure of what's within. This area will require surgical dissection for removal. The left eye is grown over and may need removal as well. We won't fully know until Manny is strong enough to physically stand anesthetics and the Surgeon is able to scope the socket.

We are not hopeful of saving any sight. Manny is current on all vaccinations and will require neuter surgery during his full ear and eye surgery. This is one of the happiest bully boys we've encountered. He is full of Love has a very long life ahead.  He shows no limitations, with his loss of sight. He's a risk taker.

Please contribute to his medical needs. Any dollar will help. Many thanks in advanced. 

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