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True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission

In an animal's eyes, love is unconditional. Too often their love is taken advantage of, leaving hundreds of animals abused, neglected and discarded.

True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, Inc. is here for those animals to rescue, heal & educate. Because every animal deserves to be loved.

    • Color: White
    • Size: Extra Small
    • Sex: Female
    • Age: Senior

Nina was found on the streets of Miami. This senior at 7/8 years old has suffered all her life. Nina has so much going on, its going to take 2 surgeries to get her to good health and adopted. 

Nina needs to be spayed, dental from eating garbage, has a hernia that needs addressed, and also mammary masses that need removed. She has masses on the bridge of her face and a large mass on the base of her tail.

Please find it in your heart to help Nina get to better health and start her golden years the right way. 

Both of her surgeries are scheduled and she is ready for her second chance!


Posted on January 04, 2017

Nina has been fighting hard with these multiple surgeries, thank you for those who have supported!

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