• 4 Puppies: Coco, Toffee, Rosebud, Smokey

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  • 4 Puppies: Coco, Toffee, Rosebud, Smokey 0
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Defensa Animal de Rincon

Defensa Animal de Rincon is a Puerto Rico based non profit working to increase sterilization rates among cats and dogs on the island and to lower the number of injured, un-owned or neglected animals in Puerto Rico; improving all animal lives through educational programs, awareness and offering assistance to animal rescuers.

    • Size: Extra Small
    • Age: Baby

These four puppies (around 3 months old) Coco, Toffee, Rosebud, Smokey were found in a box in front of an old woman's house. The environment was not safe for them. There are aggressive adult dogs around, no area for separation, and no person able to watch and protect them from wandering into the busy street.

These little babies are on borrowed time. The ultimate goal of course is to find them a permanent home either here in Puerto Rico or in the states. Finding homes for street animals is a difficult task. When we are able to spend the minimal $90 that American Airlines so generously offers to get puppies to 'rescued dog adoption centers' we do it. AA also generously ships back used crates, making the travel expenses minimal for our rescued pets.

These four puppies Coco, Toffee, Rosebud, Smokey have been to the vet and are scheduled to fly out Jan 6th. There was no local foster homes available so we had to most fast. We are confident the PoundWishes community would help us fund what was needed to make these 4 babies safe!

Thank you in advanced for contributing to these deserving pups. 


Posted on February 08, 2017

All 4 puppies have made it to Stateside Rescued Dog Adoption Centers ... and adoptions are happening as you see with the last photo we have added to this wish of ROSEBUD :)   Thank you everyone.  We will close this wish tomorrow!   Cynthia www.DefensaRincon.org

Posted on January 10, 2017

Photo of Rosebud and Toffee made it to P&T Rescued Puppies Pet Shop in NJ.
Defensa was short on crates for flying so Smokey and Coffee had to wait an extra week for crates to be returned before flying. 

Posted on January 07, 2017

Just 2 of the 4 flew out this morning because we were short on crates.   The last 2 will be in a safe foster home until flying out next week.  It is disappointing but the reality of traveling animals.  Ideally we could find them local homes but in reality there are minimal homes in Puerto Rico that are great animal homes and not already maxed out.  Thank you to everyone for sharing and donating so these 4 puppies have the best chances at a happy ending.   Their fb photo album 

Posted on January 06, 2017

Today's flight didn't happen for these big little ones - but hey are hanging at a temporary house and tomorrow, Saturday the 7th they should be flying in the skys!  Please consider a donation towards their rescue - they are getting the best chances to find great forever homes by going to Cherry Hill NJ Rescued Dog Pet Shop.   We have added new photos to their fb album here

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