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Defensa Animal de Rincon

Defensa Animal de Rincon is a Puerto Rico based non profit working to increase sterilization rates among cats and dogs on the island and to lower the number of injured, un-owned or neglected animals in Puerto Rico; improving all animal lives through educational programs, awareness and offering assistance to animal rescuers.

    • Color: White
    • Size: Medium
    • Sex: Male

Donny Domes is named after a famous surf spot in Rincon Puerto Rico, Domes Beach. He was reported on Jan 4th as being alone, hungry, sick but friendly (with people and dogs) on Domes Beach.

After making several social media posts it was clear to Defensa that Donny Domes had been at the beach alone for several days and likely was dumped there. This happens because people know the surf beaches are likely spots for rescues to happen. And they are correct, a beautiful local family saw the post and couldn't allow Donny Domes to spend another night alone on the beach. They picked him up and brought him home the same day. He is at the Vet today to treat what appears to be mange. He needs to be neutered, 4dx tested, vaccinated, de-wormed.

His foster family travels in 2 weeks so the plan is to fly him on the more expensive closer to Defensa United Airlines to a Stateside foster home ASAP. We can not take the risk of keeping him on Island without a more permanent foster home. Foster homes are not easy to come by in Puerto Rico. The Stateside foster is a family that was on vacation in Rincon and met him at the beach before leaving Rincon.

The current foster family said during his first night at their home he stayed on his little bed all through the night. He is a little hand shy and most likely had been abused. He is definitely malnourished and dehydrated. Super sweet with the foster family and docile with their dogs. He took to the leash pretty fast and enjoyed a morning walk. Has a red/raw looking rash on his neck (likely mange). Will be seen by vet. Guessing Lab/Bassett mix.


Posted on January 17, 2017

DONNY DOMES has been adopted by guests to Rincon Puerto Rico .... he won't travel until the 31st, will be in foster care until than and has a few more Vet Visits so we will keep his wish open ... but i dropped it down to $275. His new family is covering a lot of the expenses we would have covered had he gone to another rescuer group in the States instead of his forever home! Miracles do happen.  Here are the cute photos ... one more 

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