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Canola is a 9 year old mixed breed dog that came to us from a local county animal shelter after his owner abandoned him in a motel room. When the management discovered Canola they contacted animal control to remove him from the premises. However, Canola had a severe ear infection and was a senior, two marks against him in terms of adoptability through them. The county animal control contacted us to request placement in our adoption program in an effort to save his life. We thought he was in the clear until recently it was discovered his ears are not healing the way we would like and a dramatic yet lifesaving surgery would make the world of difference for Canola.

Canola needs a Total ear canal ablation with bulla osteotomy. While the procedure may be a mouthful to say, it will help Canola with an improved quality of life and make him feel much happier and healthier. It is likely that Canola has been suffering chronic ear infections and pain in his ears for his entire life. This surgery will cure him of these infections and any and all pain associated with these long term ear infections. We look forward to providing Canola a life free of pain. While we do our best to cover any costs with our medical cases, some of these needs are above our means. Any dollar amount is greatly appreciated as this not only helps us to save other lives but to help us save the life of Canola.


Posted on January 11, 2017

The Humane Society of Manatee County is mourning the unexpected death of "Canola".  Today, his stomach flipped unexpectedly and he quickly took his last breath.  This update is very difficult to report.  Sadly, we were all caught by surprise by this unexpected and very sad event.  Words cannot properly describe how thankful we were for those who donated to help Canola live a better life.  Sadly we are not able to report a positive outcome due to unforeseen circumstances.  We have let Poundwishes know the circumstance and will communicate how to resolve and make it right on your generous donations.  

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