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SHAMROCK is a Yorkie mix.  That boy is a gem!  He was surrendered by his family along with several other dogs who were adopted, but not SHAMROCK, because of his vision impairment.  He has cataracts that are cause problems seeing. His vision problems are the only thing that stands in his way of a happy life. He has no vision at all because his cataracts are so severe.

It is obvious that the total loss of vision is recent because he trips and hits everything. He has not adapted to being completely blind.He gets very nervous when he is left alone. He tends to panic when he hits things and he gets so nervous that he tries to move fast and trips even more.

We truly want to give this baby a second chance and do everything we can for him to find a forever home, and not remain in rescue until the end of his life. Shamrock has a lot of love to give a family, many good years and he is still very alert. Please help us give him that chance.


Posted on January 18, 2017

Shamrock will have a retinal test on Monday, January 23, to check if the retinas are damaged.  If they are in good condition, he will be able to have cataract surgery.
So Monday, he will have bloodwork done and the retinal tests.  We will have the results on Monday afternoon and we will post!

Posted on January 16, 2017

Shamrock just came back from the ophthalmology clinic.With rescue discount, surgery for both eyes would be $3500 and today's visit and meds came to $143.22 after rescue discount.
The surgery needs to happen very soon otherwise his retinas may be damaged. She said he is not an old dog too. He has juvenile cataracts and has no vision at all right now.
Please help us give Shamrock what he needs to be heathy and happy!

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