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Rescue Teamsters, The Florida Division of Chinese Shar-Pei Network, Inc., A 501c3 Not for profit

Rescue Teamsters  is the Florida Division of Chinese Shar-Pei Network, Inc., which is -a 501c3 Not for Profit Rescue.  Our mission is to save pet's who have been thrown away, as we say, and put in shelters Or on the streets.   We provide all the medical treatment and rehab necessary to bring them back to good  health.  We  ensure they are loved and well taken care of and will never endure what their previous life gave them.  Under our rescue they will thrive, blossom and regain their confidence again, while getting all the vetcare needed to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally.  At Rescue Teamsters we provide foster care, to all our rescues, in loving homes as we continue to find approved loving forever homes for each and every one.

We are their voice, their arms and their legs, to work hard for them to carry out our mission, for a life they have always deserved.

Every pet deserves to live, be loved, and be healthy .

 One day Mobie was happily sitting by his owners side, of which he had known since he was a puppy, and the next minute, he was going on a trip with his auntie.  She brought him to this loud place, but he was still happy to see everyone.  Suddenly,  his life change forever.  She left him there, alone and frightened, he changed and didn't want anyone touching him. 
He was brought to a kennel and left there. People came and Mobie ran to the back of his kennel in fear. All he could think was where am I,  where is my dad,  I don't understand what is going on. What are they going to do with me.
Then he was scheduled to be put down, but somehow got a 1 day extension.  That is the day, we saw him for the first time.  He was so scared, we said no way he will die today, its not his time.  But he has Cherry eye and some other medical conditions, to fix up.  He was extremely frightened, but now slowly trusting others, now that he is out of the shelter.
We have included the vet bill, of what it will cost between boarding, cherry eye surgery and medications.
Mobie also have a wonderful woman , who fell in love with him, waiting on him to get all fix up. He has a loving home waiting for him, where he will live forever. and now, if anything happens, he has us, Chinese Shar Pei Network, Inc., forever by his side. He will never see a shelter again.
Please, any amount will help.  We need to raise these funds.
Mobie was our first save for 2017, so he is one special boy. 


Posted on March 05, 2017

 Mobie is one funny boy!  He is currently at his fosters and  this is what she had to say:
"Mobie is a counter surfer!  I thought I was going crazy making lunch one day, and my lunchmeat pieces kept disappearing!  Mobie is one sweet boy who loves everyone, but especially loves men.  When we go to bed, Mobie has to practically sleep ontop of Mac.  Mac loves it and will be heartbroken when he is adopted out."
We need to continue our fundraiser to meet our goal which is the vet costs.  Mobie was slated for death at HCAS, they day we sprung him!   
Any amount will help. We would like to help more Mobies in the future, but we must pay our vets to do so.
Many thanks to all the donors current and future . You are what heals these poor soles and give them the opportunity to live life how it was intended to be, fun, happy, loved and healthy..

Posted on January 20, 2017

We need serious help with Mobie please.  He had cherry eye surgery and fully vetted. He is currently staying at our vets at $21 a day until we find an approved foster or adopter.
His cherry eye surgery, and medical portion of his bill was $1,200.  His boarding costs are getting costly. So far at $441.

He is such a sweet boy and loving. He loves dogs, cats and people.
Please help us to help Mobie. We cannot do this on our own.
We at Chinese Shar Pei Network thank you all.  God bless

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