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$650.00 /$650.00

Nilla has been with our rescue for a couple of years now and in several foster homes. She has also completed some previous training programs which werent all that fuitful. We saved her literally from the hands of an abuser seen dragging and kicking her . Nilla bonds with one or two people and that is it - the fear , even after all of this time , has not left her - She was only 5 months when we rescued her and we really believed she was young enough to overcome her past. 

It muct have been worse than we thought - her current loving foster family has had her for almost a year now, but cannot keep her - we are praying this in house training will be the turning poin she needs . 

Will you supprt us in helping Nilla move on ? And pray its a SUCCESS!!!!

The cost is $650 for a month of training . 

Team TLM 

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