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Penny is having breathing issues and requires urgent nares surgery. Bulldog Haven Northwest (BHNW) is in need of funds for Penny's surgery and ongoing care.

Sweet Penny is having awful breathing issues. Penny's Foster Mom is keeping a close eye on her as there are times when she is gasping for air. She needs nares surgery and while under anesthesia will also be assessed for possible palate surgery.  It is critical that this girl's breathing issues are addressed so she can live the life she wants, one filled with lots of play!! Our initial estimates put the costs of Penny's surgery and post-surgical care at $1500. Any funds that are raised and are not needed specifically for her care will be used for other dogs like her.

We are doing our very best to get this sweet girl healthy so she can have a happy future with a loving family. But Penny is just one of many dogs currently in our care and we are in need of donations.

Your donation to BHNW is tax deductible, and may be eligible for a company match from your employer. Please connect with your corporate giving team to verify that BHNW is on their list of charitable organizations, and if we're not, please ask them to add us.

BHNW's ability to help bulldogs in need is completely dependent upon the generosity of the public and your donations. We cannot do what we do without you.

Thank you for supporting BHNW.

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