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Skye is injured , can't walk , and needs immediate consult with Neurologist - likely MRI and CAT Scan. MDAS survivor.

$3,515.00 /$3,900.00

Poor Skye sat at Mdas with an injury and in pain for months - 

Skye long timer at MDAS all the while injured and needing Neurologist  we were abkle to pull her with a foster and some funds.  Upon initial exam , and x rays ,  the vet in Miami (not our usual doctor) updated us that Skye's limp was better and she was cleared for transport to foster in Orlando . 

After arriving, foster let us know that her limp fdefinitely was not better , but worse.  Long story short , after we transported her , not before , the original doctor now says that a consult with neuro is necessary - we have already had her  seen by another vet twice in Orlando to confirm that , yes , this issue is neuro . 

This is all very unexpected as we were led to believe this was a minor leg injury , which it is not at all. The poor girl is in pain , even with pain meds, as this could be a pinched nerve, or compressed or herniated disc. We will not know this untiol consult is done , but we are anticipaing and MRI and or CAT scan per discussion with ORlando doctor this am . 

This could be costy , but Skye needs this and we pary for your support to see her thrugh. She is a very sweet , young , bulldog :)))) 

This amount likely will change :/ stay tuned 

Lets help Skye feel better ASAP! 

Thank you greatly once again . 

Team TLM 


Posted on May 13, 2017

Skye is doing very well , but still in need of a home --- would you consider fostering or adopting this gem ???

Team TLM

Posted on April 07, 2017

Skye is out of surgery and receiving laser treatments . The good news is she should be having some pain relieved now that her left hip is fixed, the bad news, The right hip is just as bad which we suspected but we're hoping that she would not need another surgery. We will give her time to recover for the next eight weeks and address the other side - :/ 

The surgeon said despite all of her issues, she's learned to compensate for all of these injuries/issues and despite the pain she's been and he said she so very sweet! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ please consider skye as an addition to your fur family .... she surely deserves it..... 

team TLM   

Posted on March 15, 2017

Skye will be meeetimg with our surgeon in Miami for a second opinion and likely to immediately schedule her surgery . Please stay tuned for update s:)

Team TLM

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