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As the name implies, Dogs XL specializes in finding homes for large dogs (typically 50lbs+). Large dogs are often first to be put to sleep in shelters because medical treatment and food for large dogs is more expensive than for small dog. Large dogs also take up more space at the shelter and on transports to adoptive families. Although owning a large dog is not for everyone, large dogs have many unique and endearing qualities. Here at Dogs XL, we believe the larger the dog, the more there is to love.

Occasionally, Dogs XL will intervene on behalf of a smaller dog with an XL personality. Dogs XL also works with other local rescue groups to facilitate adoptions to families that might be a better match for a smaller dog. 

Dogs XL is an all volunteer, non-profit animal rescue group.

2 Leg Surgeries Needed To Help Puddin Walk Again

$8,025.00 /$8,000.00

Color: White

Size: X-Large

Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Puddin was surrendered to a shelter in Missouri at approximately 7 years of age. Her previous owners said that she had orthopedic issues since she was a puppy. We had no idea how extremely severe her issues were until she arrived in Maryland after a 2 day long transport journey from MO. Her knees are completely dislocated and she is unable to stand. She hops along on her rear end like a bunny. Two days after she arrived in rescue, she was examined by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. Initially, he was skeptical that anything could be done to help Puddin, but upon reviewing X-rays and a sedated exam, we received good news that her condition is surgically correctable. Puddin needs bilateral Distal Femoral Osteotomy (DFO) surgeries to correct grade 3 patellar luxation followed by 12 weeks of physical therapy, laser therapy, and underwater treadmill therapy to facilitate recovery of muscular atrophy due to prolonged neglect. The estimated cost of these treatments is approximately $8000. Despite what must be an extraordinarily painful condition, Puddin is the sweetest dog you could ever meet. She is very affectionate toward everyone she meets (especially children who she immediately rolls on her back to ask for belly rubs). 

Video of Puddin doing her Water Therapy!


Posted on June 09, 2017

From all of us at Dogs XL Rescue THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!  Because of your generosity and support we were able to meet our Fundraising goal for Puddin's surgery and physical therapy fund.  Without our supporters, volunteers, fosters and adopters helping dogs like Puddin would not be possible. Have a GREAT day!

(We'll add additional videos, photos and updates as Puddin make additional progress- stay tuned!)

Posted on June 01, 2017

Here is Puddin post her second surgery!  Her foster mom reports that Puddin is DYING to run since she "found" her legs again! :)  Thanks for all your support and donations- has made a world of difference for Puddin!! 

Posted on May 26, 2017

We are overjoyed to share this recent video of Puddin with all of you. The amazing difference in the quality of her life already after her first surgery and many weeks of cold laser and hydrotherapy is very apparent. Dogs XL Rescue is committed to finishing the job and making Puddin's life as normal as possible, and she deserves it. Puddin is heading into surgery TODAY to correct her right knee and after surgery, she will get the same physical therapy treatments. THANK YOU to everyone who has helped and supported Puddin, including her foster family and all the wonderful volunteers that have helped her. We are almost finished with her fundraising with only $ 800 to go.

Posted on May 23, 2017

Puddin Here. I am preparing for my second surgery this Friday. Thank you to all of my friends and supporters for helping me on this long journey. I would love to go into surgery knowing that my anticipated expenses will be covered and we are only $800 away from our goal. If you have a few dollars to spare please consider a donation, no amount is too small. 

Posted on May 10, 2017

Puddin is relaxing between therapy sessions, she is doing very well with her recovery and is getting stronger each day. In just a few weeks she will have her second surgery. Puddin really appreciates all of the support she has received over the past several months. She couldn't do it without each and every one of you!!!

Posted on May 04, 2017

We've added a video of Puddin at one of her recent underwater treadmill therapy sessions.  She already has significant improvement on her left leg that was surgically repaired a few weeks ago.  We appreciate all of the people who are following her progress and all who have donated towards her medical expenses, without all of you it would be difficult to make this opportunity a reality for Puddin. We are only $1400 short of our fundraising goal which we hope to meet before Puddin's second surgery in a couple of weeks.  THANK YOU! and keep up the good work Puddin!

Posted on April 19, 2017

Puddin is relaxing between therapy sessions, and as you can see if you look closely she is starting to get hair back on the leg she had her first surgery on.  Her therapy is going well and she is only a few weeks away from her second surgery.  Thanks again for all who have donated to Puddin and all her supporters!

Posted on April 05, 2017

Puddin Update!  Yes we know Puddin looks cool in her goggles, but they serve an important purpose.  She is getting cold laser therapy on her surgically repaired knee and the goggles protect her eyes during laser treatment.  This is part of her physical therapy program post surgery on her left knee.  If all goes well over the next few weeks she will have surgery on her right knee and go through more therapy.  Thanks again to all our supporters and donors!

Posted on March 24, 2017

Here is Puddin post surgery, doing well but she has a long 10 weeks of physical therapy and recovery and then she will have another surgery.  We are thankful for our "village" of volunteers that are fostering, transporting her to therapy and follow-up appointments and helping with her care.  We are still $2700 short of the funds needed to cover all of the anticipated expense to help this sweet girl live a more normal life.  If you have a few dollars to spare please consider a donation.  WE ARE VERY APPRECIATIVE OF YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

Posted on March 21, 2017

We are happy to report that Puddin's first surgery that took place last Friday, went well and she will start physical therapy soon.  We are almost to our fundraising goal to cover her additional surgery and physical therapy costs.  Thank you to everyone who has donated and shown their support for Puddin!!  (Some pictures of the procedure have been added to Puddin's picture gallery).

Posted on March 09, 2017

Puddin is scheduled for her first surgery next Friday, March 17th (Saint Patrick's Day).  Wish her luck!

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