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Operation Heal Bruce Waynes soul :/

$1,820.00 /$2,800.00

Bruce Wayne ran the streets of Stuart for weeks and weeks eluding animal control - He is fast , he is smart, but he is scared --- they finally caught him and he ended up at a local humane society where he became rescue only , due to his severe  fear. Never aggressive just inwardly, terrified. When he became code red, this is when we were contacted to help - no way were we going to let this fearful boy have his life end due to his past and his seemingly feral way that was not helping him at all to either be adopted or catch a rescues eye - until we took a chance. 

We are meeting with a trainer Thursday to assess and begin his training journey . We feel we all watch this incredible young boy blossom. We are in great need of boarding/training funds - he SO deserves this. 


Team TLM 


Posted on March 20, 2017

It really pains me to see Bruce daily try to work through his fear , but I know that he will... each week, we introduce him to new people, new sounds , new treats. We walk, and talk, I constantly talk to him and say his name and reassure him. after about 15 minutes or so each time , he relaxes, strolls, even a little trot. But he constantly looks back at me for reassurance . The look in his eyes... ugh , I dont let him know it makes me sad. I want him to feel happiness , not sadness - ever again. All I keep thinking is that Im so grateful he got out and has a chance . None of them deserve a cruel death, but dragging a severely frightened being to his death , would have sent his already broken soul to heaven with a broken spirit to linger unhappy forever ... our mission will take as long as he needs . We need your support and sponsors for Team Bruce . He enjoys bacon treats very much , lets look for healthy ones . He can always use a new blankie , anything soft and comforting. We are in great need of funds for his stay at the vet , and upcoming training sessions after heartworm Treatments. Paypal 

Ty Team TLM

Team Bruce Wayne 

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