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A rescued Pug makes a wonderful companion. We have found that a Pug, especially those who have come from a home where the Pug did not receive attention or was abused appreciates the new home they are placed in.

Marty is a Senior at 10 years old, and he is in the beginning stages of Pug Myopathy.  He is having trouble walking and the Vet has concluded that he will not get better, that he will get worse.  He has been seen by the Neurologist, and has had an MRI.  The Vet has concluded that he can not have surgery bc of his age and due to the fact that his condition is far enough along that the surgery is too risky.  

Marty is a loveable, sweet boy, and he can be adopted. Since he has been in our care, he has lost weight in a healthy way, as he was over weight before.  This has helped with his hind area as before he had trouble standing, and he could not raise his leg to urinate.  Now he is happier and is enjoying playing with other dogs.  

Marty was transferred from a local shelter where he was an owner surrender. He is 10 years old, potty trained and has been brought up to date on Rabies, DHLLP, Bordetella, heart worm, blood and fecal testing. He had worms and has been treated for them. He had severe dental issues and has had his teeth cleaned with many extractions. He suffered from bilateral ear infections and is currently being treated for that. He has been placed on a rigid diet for weight loss. He is food and toy aggressive and does not like his feet touched. We feel he should go to a home without young children. He is very active for a 10 year old and enjoys being close to you and loved. He has weakness in his hind quarters which may be the beginning of Pug Myopathy

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