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A rescued Pug makes a wonderful companion. We have found that a Pug, especially those who have come from a home where the Pug did not receive attention or was abused appreciates the new home they are placed in.

Cappone came to Pug Luv from a local shelter where he was turned in by his owner. He is 10 years old, has been brought up to date on his Rabies, DHLLP, Bordetella, heartworm, blood and fecal testing. He has bilateral ear infections that are being treated, had a dental with 13 extractions, had some growths removed and suffers from back issues. The Pug Luv vet determined he did not need to be seen by the Neurologist. He is a happy boy and can be frisky. He is house trained and loves attention.
Cappone is also suffering from Pug Myopathy.  He has a pretty sever case, and has lost the use of his back legs. he relies on a "help me up harness" so his foster parents can help his get up and move around.  Cappone has seen the Neurologist,and he has concluded that it is not safe for Cappone to have surgery due to his age and the severity of his condition. 

Cappone can not be adopted bc he does not like to be around a group of people, and he begins to snap at people.  He does fine in his foster home, but does not have any interest in meeting or being nice to new people who want to meet him.  

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