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Michigan Pug Rescue

A rescued Pug makes a wonderful companion. We have found that a Pug, especially those who have come from a home where the Pug did not receive attention or was abused appreciates the new home they are placed in.

When Nelly came into our care she was  estimated to be a 3 - 4 year old female Pug.  She, was transferred to Pug Luv from a shelter after she was picked up as a stray and was not claimed. She has had puppies, and will be placed on a diet to gain several pounds. When she is standing, you can actually see her ribs.  She has been, spayed, brought up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, heart worm, fecal and blood testing, micro-chipped and have had several teeth extracted.  She is potty trained. The shelter stated that she can be food and toy aggressive, although we have not experienced this behavior.  We were told that  She may have some sight issues that were being evaluated and is currently on 2 different eye drops.  Should it be necessary she will be seen by the Ophthalmologist. She also has areas of her coat that are thin and this may be a result of an infection and has received a long acting antibiotic injection. She tested heart worm positive and will begin her treatment for this condition on August 8th.  The treatment will last for approximately 6 weeks during which time she must be kept calm and not become excited to prevent the heart worms from causing a potential blockage in her arteries that can result in her death.  Once she has completed the treatment she will be available for adoption.

Since having Nelly in our care, and after her seeing the Optimologist, we learned that she is in fact blind in one eye and only has about 9% vision in the other eye.  She is currently on a very strong medication for both eyes, which the Dr. is hoping will help her gin back some vision over time.   At this time, the  eye with 91% blindness, will need to have a cataract removed and that too will hopefully help her vision.  As for the eye that is completely blind, the Dr. has said that he can not even see into the back of the eye although he suspects there is also a cataract there as well.  She will continue her medication and will hopefully see some improvement in the future.  

Unfortunately, she does have Hepatitis.  We discovered this when she came into our care bc we had to treat her for heart worms and that resulted in her getting pneumonia and a really bad cough.  She  has been in and out of the Pet Hospital 2 times over the past two weeks, and has been on IV fluids and IV antibiotics to save her life.   Now that she has healed from the heart worm , she will carry the Hepatitis for the rest of her life.  Her cataract surgery is scheduled in two weeks.  

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