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Green Hills Animal Shelter

We have tons of wonderful dogs & cats needing to find forever homes soon! Please don't buy a pet while shelters across this country are FULL of homeless pets in need of forever homes. Spay/Neuter to prevent needless euthanasia.

 Laverne and Shirley were in pretty rough shape when they originally came to Green Hills Animal Shelter. This sisters showed up on someone's property, both skin and bones. They were so hungry. Shirley was especially emaciated, probably due to testing positive for heartworms. She is now at a healthy weight and can tolerate treatment. We want her to get treated as soon as possible so the sisters can be offered to go into a home together. They are very bonded and love spending time with each other. They are very playful and lots of fun to be around.
It is difficult to know exactly how old they are. Their teeth looked older, but their condition and activity level say they are more like young adults.  

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