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    • Color: Black
    • Sex: Female
    • Age: Senior

 Grammy was found by her master side  :/ himself in grave   Condition. She ended up in a shelter terrified in pain and very confused. 

 As a host of medical issues but is safe at our vet hospital at the moment. With your support we can get her the best care possible and get her back on her feet  . 

 No amount is too small to help  Grammie 


team TLM


Posted on April 14, 2017

Grammies bloodwork is back  - white counts and liver enzymes both elevated - we are trying a different atibiotic  - doctor feels the elevations are due to skin issues/infection and dental issues - we will retest uin two weeks . 

EDoctor has also advised to do the x rays after she gains a bit of weight.  X rays planned in two weeks when blood counts are rechecked. 

She is eating well and we feel thye supplements are making her more ocmfortable as well. :) 

THank you 

Team TLM 

Posted on April 08, 2017


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